Were it not for the favor and mercy of God, some of them would have certainly tried to make you (Muhammad) go astray. However, they cannot lead any one astray but themselves nor can they harm you. God has revealed the Book to you, has given you wisdom, and has taught you what you did not know. Certainly God's favor to you has been great. (113) ۞ Most of their secret conferrings are devoid of good, unless one secretly enjoins in charity, good deeds, and setting the affairs of men right. We shall grant who ever does that seeking to please Allah a great reward. (114) And whoso opposeth the messenger after the guidance (of Allah) hath been manifested unto him, and followeth other than the believer's way, We appoint for him that unto which he himself hath turned, and expose him unto hell - a hapless journey's end! (115)