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The Night (Al-Layl)
21 verses, revealed in Mecca after The All High (Al-A'alaa) before Dawn (Al-Fajr)
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
I CALL THE night to witness when it covers over, 1 And [by] the day when it appears 2 And Him who created the male and female, 3 Lo! your effort is dispersed (toward divers ends). 4 Thus, as for him who gives [to others] and is conscious of God, 5 for those who spend for the cause of God, 6 Unto him therefore We shall indeed make easy the path to ease. 7 And as for him who is niggardly and considers himself free from need (of Allah), 8 and rejects what is right, 9 We shall facilitate the path to affliction 10 and his wealth shall be of no avail to him when he perishes. 11 Verily We take upon Ourselves to guide, 12 And most surely Ours is the hereafter and the former. 13 Therefore do I warn you of a Fire blazing fiercely; 14 No one will burn in it but the most wretched, 15 who belied and turned away, 16 But save him who fears 17 Who gives his wealth in order to be pure. 18 and owes no favour to anyone, which is to be repaid, 19 But only seeking the countenance of his Lord, Most High. 20 surely, he shall be satisfied. 21
True are the words of Allah the Almighty.
End of Surah: The Night (Al-Layl). Sent down in Mecca after The All High (Al-A'alaa) before Dawn (Al-Fajr)
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