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The Sun (Al-Shams)
15 verses, revealed in Mecca after Destiny (Al-Qadr) before The Galaxies (Al-Burooj)
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
I swear by the sun and its brilliance, 1 and by the moon as it follows it, 2 and by the day as it reveals its glory 3 and by the night when it enshrouds him! 4 The heavens and its architecture, 5 And [by] the earth and He who spread it 6 and by the soul and by Him Who perfectly proportioned it, 7 and imbued it with (the consciousness of) its evil and its piety: 8 Truly he succeeds that purifies it, 9 And indeed failed is the one who covered it in sin. 10 Thamud denied [their prophet] by reason of their transgression, 11 when the most wicked man among them rose up. 12 But the Messenger of Allah [Salih (Saleh)] said to them: "Be cautious! Fear the evil end. That is the she-camel of Allah! (Do not harm it) and bar it not from having its drink!" 13 But they denied him and hamstrung her. So their Lord brought down upon them destruction for their sin and made it equal [upon all of them]. 14 He did not fear the consequences. 15
God the Almighty always says the truth.
End of Surah: The Sun (Al-Shams). Sent down in Mecca after Destiny (Al-Qadr) before The Galaxies (Al-Burooj)
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