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The Sun (Al-Shams)
15 verses, revealed in Mecca after Destiny (Al-Qadr) before The Galaxies (Al-Burooj)
In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
By the sun and his brightness, 1 and the moon as it reflects the sun! 2 And the day when it shows it, 3 And the night when it enshroudeth him, 4 By the heaven and Who built it, 5 by the earth and Who spread it, 6 And by Nafs (Adam or a person or a soul, etc.), and Him Who perfected him in proportion; 7 and imbued it with (the consciousness of) its evil and its piety: 8 He who nourishes it will surely be successful, 9 and truly lost is he who buries it [in darkness]. 10 The Thamud tribe rejected the truth because of their arrogance, 11 What time the greatest wretch of them rose up. 12 So the Noble Messenger of Allah said to them, “Stay away from the she camel of Allah, and from its turn to drink.” 13 But they belied him, and hamstrung her. So their Lord crushed them for their sin and leveled it (their village). 14 and He fears not the issue thereof. 15
True are the words of Allah the Almighty.
End of Surah: The Sun (Al-Shams). Sent down in Mecca after Destiny (Al-Qadr) before The Galaxies (Al-Burooj)
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