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The Sun (Al-Shams)
15 verses, revealed in Mecca after Destiny (Al-Qadr) before The Galaxies (Al-Burooj)
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
By the sun and its rising brightness 1 and by the moon when she follows him, 2 Consider the day as it reveals the world, 3 And by oath of the night when it hides it 4 by the heavens and that (Power) which established them, 5 by the earth and Who spread it, 6 By the soul and Him Who propertioned it, 7 And inspired in it the knowledge of its sins and its piety. 8 prosperous is he who purified it, 9 and truly lost is he who buries it [in darkness]. 10 Thamood belied in their pride 11 when that most hapless wretch from among them rushed forward [to commit his evil deed,] 12 Then Allah's Messenger warned them: “Hands off the she-camel and her drink!” 13 Then they belied him and they hamstrung her; wherefore their Lord overwhelmed them for their crime, and made it equal. 14 And for Him is no fear of its consequences. 15
Allah the Almighty always says the truth.
End of Surah: The Sun (Al-Shams). Sent down in Mecca after Destiny (Al-Qadr) before The Galaxies (Al-Burooj)
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