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Dawn (Al-Fajr)
30 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Night (Al-Layl) before The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa)
In the name of Allah, most benevolent, ever-merciful
By the break of Day 1 And by ten nights, 2 The multiple and the one, 3 and by the night when it departs. 4 Is there [not] in [all] that an oath [sufficient] for one of perception? 5 Did you (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) not see (thought) how your Lord dealt with 'Ad (people)? 6 of the columned (city) of Iram, 7 Like whom no one else was born in the cities. 8 And Thamood, who hewed out the rocks of the valley? 9 And [with] Pharaoh, owner of the stakes? - 10 Who committed inordinacy in the cities, 11 And heaped therein mischief (on mischief). 12 Therefore did thy Lord pour on them a scourge of diverse chastisements: 13 Indeed, your Lord is in observation. 14 As for man, when his Lord tests him, through honour and blessings, he says, "My Lord has honoured me," 15 But when he tries him and stints for him his provision, then he says, 'My Lord has despised me.' 16 No! But you do not honor the orphan 17 and you do not urge one another to feed the needy, 18 and you greedily devour the inheritance of the weak, 19 and you love wealth with boundless love! 20 Nay! When the earth is ground to powder, 21 and when your Lord appears with rows upon rows of angels, 22 and Hell is made to appear on that Day, then man will be mindful, but what will being mindful then avail him? 23 He shall say, 'O would that I had forwarded for my life!' 24 For, that Day, His Chastisement will be such as none (else) can inflict, 25 And no one binds like He does! 26 Serene soul, 27 "Come back thou to thy Lord,- well pleased (thyself), and well-pleasing unto Him! 28 "Enter you, then, among My honoured slaves, 29 Enter then My garden." 30
Allah Almighty has spoken the truth.
End of Surah: Dawn (Al-Fajr). Sent down in Mecca after The Night (Al-Layl) before The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa)
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