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Dawn (Al-Fajr)
30 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Night (Al-Layl) before The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa)
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
I swear by the daybreak, 1 And ten nights, 2 Consider the multiple and the One! 3 and by the night when it departs. 4 Is this not a sufficient oath for intelligent people? 5 ART THOU NOT aware of how thy Sustainer has dealt with [the tribe of] 'Ad, 6 (The people of) Aram, possessors of lofty buildings, 7 the like of which was never created in the countries? 8 (Also consider how He dealt with) the Thamud, who carved their houses out of the rocks in the valley. 9 And (with) Firon, the lord of hosts, 10 All of them committed excesses in their lands, 11 and spread much corruption in the land. 12 Therefore did thy Lord pour on them a scourge of diverse chastisements: 13 For thy Lord is (as a Guardian) on a watch-tower. 14 As for man, when his Lord tests him by exalting him and bestowing His bounties upon him, he says: “My Lord has exalted me.” 15 But when He tries him and restricts his provision, he says, "My Lord has humiliated me." 16 No. In fact you are not generous to the orphans, 17 And urge not on the feeding of the poor. 18 Why do you take away the inheritance of others indiscriminately 19 And you love wealth with much love! 20 Surely when We pound the earth to powder grounded, pounded to dust, 21 and thy Lord comes, and the angels rank on rank, 22 And Hell will be brought near that Day. On that Day will man remember, but how will that remembrance (then) avail him? 23 He will say, “Alas if only I had sent some good deeds ahead, during my lifetime!” 24 For, that Day, His Chastisement will be such as none (else) can inflict, 25 None bindeth as He then will bind. 26 [But to the righteous, God will say], "O soul at peace, 27 return to your Lord, well-pleased, well-pleasing. 28 So enter among My servants, 29 into My Paradise. 30
Almighty Allah's Truth.
End of Surah: Dawn (Al-Fajr). Sent down in Mecca after The Night (Al-Layl) before The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa)
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