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Dawn (Al-Fajr)
30 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Night (Al-Layl) before The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa)
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
By the dawn, 1 by the Ten (secret) Nights, 2 And by the even and the odd, 3 and by the passing night, 4 Considering all this - could there be, to anyone endowed with reason, a [more] solemn evidence of the truth? 5 Seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the 'Ad (people),- 6 [the people of] Iram the many-pillared, 7 The like of whom were never created in the realm; 8 And with Thamud who carved rocks in the valley; 9 And [with] Pharaoh, owner of the stakes? - 10 Who (all) were rebellious (to Allah) in these lands, 11 and caused much corruption in them: 12 (Therefore) your Lord let loose upon them a scourge of punishment; 13 Most surely your Lord is watching. 14 As for man - when his Lord proveth him and so honoureth him and is bounteous unto him, then he saith: 'my Lord hath honoured me, 15 but when He tests him by straitening his means of livelihood, he says, "My Lord has disgraced me." 16 Nay, but ye (for your part) honour not the orphan 17 And urge not on the feeding of the poor. 18 And ye devour inheritance - all with greed, 19 and love the riches, loving them ardently. 20 No! But when the earth quakes and is pounded, 21 and (when you find yourself) in the presence of your Lord and the rows and rows of angels, your greed for riches will certainly be of no avail to you. 22 And hell is made to appear on that day. On that day shall man be mindful, and what shall being mindful (then) avail him? 23 He will say, "Oh, would that I had provided beforehand for my life!" 24 Then on that Day Allah will chastise as none other can chastise; 25 and Allah will bind as none other can bind. 26 O thou peaceful soul! 27 Return unto thy Lord, content in His good pleasure! 28 Enter thou among My bondmen! 29 Enter My Paradise." 30
God Almighty has spoken the truth.
End of Surah: Dawn (Al-Fajr). Sent down in Mecca after The Night (Al-Layl) before The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa)
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