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Dawn (Al-Fajr)
30 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Night (Al-Layl) before The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa)
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
By the dawn, 1 and ten nights, 2 by the even, and the odd, 3 And by the Night when it passeth away;- 4 Considering all this - could there be, to anyone endowed with reason, a [more] solemn evidence of the truth? 5 Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with Ad, 6 With many-columned Iram, 7 the like of which was never created in the land, 8 (Also consider how He dealt with) the Thamud, who carved their houses out of the rocks in the valley. 9 And with Fir'awn, owner of the stakes 10 led rebellious lives, 11 and worked much corruption therein? 12 and therefore thy Sustainer let loose upon them a scourge of suffering: 13 Indeed nothing is hidden from the sight of your Lord. 14 As for man, when his Lord tests him by honoring him and favoring him, he says: 'My Lord, has honored me' 15 But when he tries him and stints for him his provision, then he says, 'My Lord has despised me.' 16 (Since wealth does not necessarily guarantee everlasting happiness) then why do you not show kindness to the orphans, 17 nor do you urge one another to feed the needy. 18 and you devour the inheritance with greed, 19 And ye love wealth with inordinate love! 20 No! But when the earth quakes and is pounded, 21 And your Lord comes and (also) the angels in ranks, 22 And Hell is brought near, that day will man remember, but of what avail will then remembering be? 23 He will say: "Ah! Would that I had sent forth (good deeds) for (this) my (Future) Life!" 24 None can punish as He will punish on that day, 25 and none can bind with bonds like His. 26 (To the righteous soul will be said:) "O (thou) soul, in (complete) rest and satisfaction! 27 return unto thy Lord, well-pleased, well-pleasing! 28 Enter among My servants 29 Enter thou My Garden! 30
True are the words of God the Almighty.
End of Surah: Dawn (Al-Fajr). Sent down in Mecca after The Night (Al-Layl) before The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa)
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