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Overwhelming (Al-Ghaasheyah)
26 verses, revealed in Mecca after Drivers of the Winds (Al-Dhaareyaat) before The Cave (Al-Kahf)
In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Has the news of the overwhelming event reached you? 1 On that Day faces shall be humbled, 2 be toiling and worn-out; 3 The while they enter the Blazing Fire,- 4 given to drink from a boiling spring. 5 no food for them but cactus thorn 6 Neither nourishing nor banishing hunger. 7 On that very Day some faces shall be radiant with joy, 8 Glad with their endeavour (for their good deeds which they did in this world, along with the true Faith of Islamic Monotheism). 9 in a garden sublime, 10 where they will hear no idle talk, 11 In it there shall be a flowing spring, 12 and raised couches, 13 and goblets set at hand, 14 and cushions ranged, 15 And rich carpets (all) spread out. 16 Do they not look at the Camels, how they are made?- 17 And at the Sky, how it is raised high?- 18 And the hills, how they are set up? 19 And the earth, how it was spread out? 20 So, [O Prophet] exhort them: your task is only to exhort, 21 and are not invested with the authority to compel them. 22 Other than him who turns his back and denies, 23 Allah will punish them with the greatest punishment. 24 To Us they will all return. 25 Then verily on Us is their reckoning. 26
Allah Almighty has spoken the truth.
End of Surah: Overwhelming (Al-Ghaasheyah). Sent down in Mecca after Drivers of the Winds (Al-Dhaareyaat) before The Cave (Al-Kahf)
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