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The Galaxies (Al-Burooj)
22 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Sun (Al-Shams) before The Fig (Al-Teen)
In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
By the heaven with its impregnable castles; 1 And by oath of the Promised Day. 2 And the witness and the witnessed, 3 Woe to the makers of the pit (of fire), 4 Of the fuel-fed fire, 5 while they themselves sat around it 6 fully conscious of what they are doing to the believers, 7 They took revenge on them only because they believed in the All-mighty, the Al-laudable, 8 God to whom belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and God is Witness over everything. 9 Those who persecuted the believing men and women and never repented, there is for them the punishment of Gehenna (Hell), and for them the punishment of the burning. 10 Lo! those who believe and do good works, theirs will be Gardens underneath which rivers flow. That is the Great Success. 11 The vengeance of God is terribly severe. 12 It is He who originates and repeats. 13 And He only is the Oft Forgiving, the Beloved of His bondmen. 14 The Lord of the Glorious Throne, 15 Performer of what He desires. 16 Hath there come unto thee the story of the hosts 17 Of Pharaoh and Thamud come to you? 18 Nay! The disbelievers (persisted) in denying (Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his Message of Islamic Monotheism). 19 although Allah surrounds them. 20 Aye! it is a Recitation glorious, 21 (Inscribed) in Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz (The Preserved Tablet)! 22
Allah the Almighty always says the truth.
End of Surah: The Galaxies (Al-Burooj). Sent down in Mecca after The Sun (Al-Shams) before The Fig (Al-Teen)
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