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The Cheaters (Al-Mutaffifeen)
36 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Spider (Al-Ankaboot) before The Heifer (Al-Baqarah)
In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Woe to those who give short measure, 1 who demand of other people full measure for themselves, 2 But when they measure out to others or weigh out for them, they are deficient. 3 Do they not think that they will be called to account?- 4 On a grievous day, 5 The day when everyone will stand before the Lord Of The Creation. 6 NAY, VERILY, the record of the wicked is indeed [set down] in a mode inescapable! 7 And what will explain to thee what Sijjin is? 8 The record is a sealed text. 9 Woe, that Day, to those that deny- 10 Those who deny the Day of Judgment 11 None denies it but the sinful transgressors. 12 Who, when thou readest unto him Our revelations, saith: (Mere) fables of the men of old. 13 Nay! rather, what they used to do has become like rust upon their hearts. 14 Yes indeed they will be deprived of seeing their Lord on that day. 15 and then they shall enter Hell, 16 Then it will be said [to them], "This is what you used to deny." 17 Nay! Most surely the record of the righteous shall be in the Iliyin. 18 And what could make thee conceive what that mode most lofty will be? 19 It is a comprehensively written Book (of records). 20 Witnessed by those who are honoured. 21 Verily the virtuous shall be in Delight, 22 Reclining on couches, looking on. 23 and in their faces you shall know the radiance of bliss. 24 They will be given to drink pure sealed wine. 25 The seal thereof will be Musk: And for this let those aspire, who have aspirations: 26 And its mixture is of Tasneem, 27 A spring whence those brought near (to Allah) drink. 28 The sinners laughed at the believers 29 And when they passed by them, they would exchange derisive glances. 30 and when they returned to their own people, they would speak of them jestingly; 31 And when they saw them, they said: "They have indeed gone astray." 32 Yet they were not sent as watchers over them. 33 So this day it is the believers who laugh at the disbelievers. 34 On adorned couches, observing. 35 Are not the disbelievers paid (fully) for what they used to do? 36
Almighty God's Truth.
End of Surah: The Cheaters (Al-Mutaffifeen). Sent down in Mecca after The Spider (Al-Ankaboot) before The Heifer (Al-Baqarah)
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