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The Cheaters (Al-Mutaffifeen)
36 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Spider (Al-Ankaboot) before The Heifer (Al-Baqarah)
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Woe unto the scrimpers: 1 who demand of other people full measure for themselves, 2 But if they measure unto them or weight for them, they cause them loss. 3 Do they not know that they are bound to be raised from the dead 4 On a mighty Day. 5 The day when (all) mankind stand before the Lord of the Worlds? 6 Nay! Truly, the Record (writing of the deeds) of the Fujjar (disbelievers, sinners, evil-doers and wicked) is (preserved) in Sijjin. 7 And what will make you know what Sijjin is? 8 It is a (repository of) distinctly written record. 9 Woe on that Day to those who belied it, 10 who belied the Day of Recompense! 11 No one rejects it except the sinful transgressors 12 And when Our revelations are rehearsed unto him, he saith: fables of the ancients! 13 Nay! But on their hearts is the Ran (covering of sins and evil deeds) which they used to earn. 14 Nay, verily, from [the grace of] their Sustainer shall they on that Day be debarred; 15 and then, behold, they shall enter the blazing fire 16 and be told: "This is the [very thing] to which you were wont to give the lie!" 17 Surely the ledger of the pious will be in 'Illiyun (heights above the heights). 18 But how will you comprehend what 'Illiyun is? 19 It is a written book, 20 witnessed by those brought nigh. 21 Verily the pious will be in heaven, 22 On Thrones (of Dignity) will they command a sight (of all things): 23 On their faces you will see the glow of beatitude. 24 They are given to drink of a pure wine, sealed, 25 whose seal is musk -- so after that let the strivers strive -- 26 and its mixture is Tasneem, 27 A spring whence those brought near (to Allah) drink. 28 Verily! (During the worldly life) those who committed crimes used to laugh at those who believed. 29 when they passed by them they winked, 30 And whilst returning to their homes, they used to return rejoicing. 31 and when they saw the believers, they said: “Lo! These are the erring ones”; 32 No one has appointed them to watch over the believers. 33 So Today those who believed are laughing at the disbelievers, 34 Reclining on couches, looking on. 35 Will not the disbelievers then be duly recompensed for their laughing at the believers? 36
Allah Almighty has spoken the truth.
End of Surah: The Cheaters (Al-Mutaffifeen). Sent down in Mecca after The Spider (Al-Ankaboot) before The Heifer (Al-Baqarah)
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