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The Cheaters (Al-Mutaffifeen)
36 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Spider (Al-Ankaboot) before The Heifer (Al-Baqarah)
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
Woe unto the defrauders: 1 those who demand a full measure from others 2 but, when they measure for them or weigh for them, do skimp. 3 Do they not think that they will be called to account?- 4 On a mighty Day. 5 A Day whereon mankind shall stand before the Lord of the worlds? 6 NAY, VERILY, the record of the wicked is indeed [set down] in a mode inescapable! 7 Would that you knew what Sijin is!? 8 A book inscribed. 9 Ah the woe that day for those who deny, 10 Who call the Day of judgement a lie! 11 And none can deny it but the Transgressor beyond bounds the Sinner! 12 When Our Verses (of the Quran) are recited to him he says: "Tales of the ancients!" 13 Nay, but that which they have earned is rust upon their hearts. 14 No! Indeed, from their Lord, that Day, they will be partitioned. 15 Then verily they will be roasted into the Scorch. 16 Then, it will be said to them: "This is what you used to deny!" 17 Nay, verily the record of the Righteous is (preserved) in 'Illiyin. 18 And what could make thee conceive what that mode most lofty will be? 19 The record is a sealed text. 20 witnessed by those brought nigh. 21 Indeed the virtuous are in serenity. 22 On couches face to face. 23 Thou wilt know in their faces the radiance of delight. 24 They are made to quaff of a pure drink that is sealed (to others). 25 The last of it is musk. So for this let the competitors compete. 26 and its mixture is Tasneem, 27 A spring from which those near [to Allah] drink. 28 Surely they who are guilty used to laugh at those who believe. 29 And when they passed by them, they would exchange derisive glances. 30 And whilst returning to their homes, they used to return rejoicing. 31 And when they saw them they said: Lo! these have gone astray. 32 Yet they were not sent to be their guardians. 33 But this Day (the Day of Resurrection) those who believe will laugh at the disbelievers 34 upon couches gazing. 35 Have the unbelievers been rewarded for what they did? 36
Allah Almighty has spoken the truth.
End of Surah: The Cheaters (Al-Mutaffifeen). Sent down in Mecca after The Spider (Al-Ankaboot) before The Heifer (Al-Baqarah)
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