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The Rolling (Al-Takweer)
29 verses, revealed in Mecca after Thorns (Al-Masad) before The All High (Al-A'alaa)
In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
When the sun is folded up, 1 And when the stars darken, 2 And when the mountains are made to pass away, 3 when the pregnant camels are neglected, 4 And when the wild beasts are herded together, 5 and when the seas boil over, 6 souls are reunited with their bodies, 7 when the buried infant shall be asked 8 for what offence was she killed? 9 And when the written pages of deeds (good and bad) of every person shall be laid open; 10 And when the sky is stripped away 11 and Hell is stoked, 12 And when the garden is brought nigh, 13 then shall each person know what he has brought along. 14 No indeed; I swear by the alternating stars 15 the runners, the sinkers, 16 And by oath of the night when it turns back. 17 And by the dawn when it breathes 18 Verily, this is the Word (this Quran brought by) a most honourable messenger [Jibrael (Gabriel), from Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)]. 19 Full of power, well-established (in position) with the Lord and Master of the Throne, 20 (One) to be obeyed, and trustworthy; 21 Your companion is not mad. 22 in truth he saw him (Gabriel) on the clear horizon, 23 And he (Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) withholds not a knowledge of the unseen. 24 And the Qur’an is not the recitation of Satan the outcast. 25 Whither then will you go? 26 Verily, this (the Quran) is no less than a Reminder to (all) the 'Alamin (mankind and jinns). 27 For those of you who desire to walk the path that is straight, 28 And you will not, unless (it be) that Allah wills, the Lord of the 'Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists). 29
God Almighty has spoken the truth.
End of Surah: The Rolling (Al-Takweer). Sent down in Mecca after Thorns (Al-Masad) before The All High (Al-A'alaa)
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