He Frowned ('Abasa)
42 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Stars (Al-Najm) before Destiny (Al-Qadr)
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
۞ He frowned and turned away (1) Because there came to him the blind man, [interrupting]. (2) And what should teach thee? Perchance he would cleanse him, (3) or he might be mindful and good counsel might avail him. (4) As for him who regardeth himself self-sufficient (5) Unto him thou attendest. (6) Though it is not your concern if he should not grow (in fulness). (7) As for him who comes to you striving (after goodness), (8) And is also fearful (of God), (9) to him thou payest no heed. (10) These verses are a reminder (11) and whosoever wills, shall remember it. (12) Inscribed in Writs honoured, (13) uplifted, purified, (14) by the hands of scribes (15) noble and purified. (16) Cursed is man; how disbelieving is he. (17) Of what thing hath He created him? (18) From a (sperm) drop He created him and then determined him, (19) Then the way He made easy. (20) then He caused him to die and brought him to the grave, (21) Then when He pleases, He will raise him to life again. (22) But no. He has not fulfilled what was enjoined on him. (23) Then let man look at his food, (24) We send down abundant water, (25) Then split the earth in clefts (26) Thereby produced grain in it. (27) grapes, and fresh fodder, (28) And olive-trees and palm-trees (29) and dense orchards, (30) fruits, and grass. (31) A provision for you and for your cattle. (32) AND SO, when the piercing call [of resurrection] is heard (33) upon the day when a man shall flee from his brother, (34) his mother, his father, (35) And his wife and his children, (36) For every one of them on that Day shall be business enough to occupy (37) Some faces will on that Day be bright with happiness, (38) laughing, and rejoicing, (39) And many will be dust-begrimed, (40) Covered with the blackness (of shame): (41) These are they who are unbelievers, the wicked. (42)
God Almighty has spoken the truth.
End of Surah: He Frowned ('Abasa). Sent down in Mecca after The Stars (Al-Najm) before Destiny (Al-Qadr)