He Frowned ('Abasa)
42 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Stars (Al-Najm) before Destiny (Al-Qadr)
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
۞ (The Prophet) frowned and turned away, (1) Because there came to him the blind man (interrupting). (2) What made you think that he will not grow in virtue, (3) Or be admonished, so that the admonition might have profited him? (4) Yet you pay attention (5) To him dost thou attend; (6) Though it is no blame to thee if he grow not (in spiritual understanding). (7) but as for him who came unto thee full of eagerness (8) and who has fear of God, (9) Of him wast thou unmindful. (10) No indeed; this is only a Reminder. (11) For any one who desires to bear it in mind, (12) (It is) in Books held (greatly) in honour, (13) uplifted, purified, (14) Written by the hands of emissaries. (15) noble, pious. (16) Man is (self-)destroyed: how ungrateful! (17) From what stuff hath He created him? (18) From a (sperm) drop He created him and then determined him, (19) Then He makes the Path easy for him; (20) then causes him to die and buries him, (21) Then when He pleases, He will bring him back to life. (22) No! Man has not yet accomplished what He commanded him. (23) Let man consider his food: (24) That We pour down the water, pouring (it) down in abundance, (25) Then We cleave the earth, cleaving (it) asunder, (26) And cause the grain to grow therein (27) And grapes and herbage (28) olives, dates, (29) thickly planted gardens, (30) And fruits and grass, (31) For use and convenience to you and your cattle. (32) So when the deafening Shout arrives, (33) On the day when a man fleeth from his brother (34) and from his mother and father, (35) and from his spouse and his children: (36) For every one of them on that Day shall be business enough to occupy (37) Some faces on that day shall shine (38) laughing, joyous; (39) And [other] faces, that Day, will have upon them dust. (40) and covered by darkness. (41) Those are the disbelievers, the wicked. (42)
Almighty Allah's Truth.
End of Surah: He Frowned ('Abasa). Sent down in Mecca after The Stars (Al-Najm) before Destiny (Al-Qadr)