He Frowned ('Abasa)
42 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Stars (Al-Najm) before Destiny (Al-Qadr)
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
۞ He frowned and turned away (1) from a blind man who had come up to him. (2) And what would make you know that he would purify himself, (3) or receive some (Quranic) advice which would benefit him. (4) Now he who waxes indifferent, (5) Unto him thou attendest. (6) What does it matter to you if he will not become pure (from disbelief, you are only a Messenger, your duty is to convey the Message of Allah). (7) but as for him who came unto thee full of eagerness (8) And whereas he fears, (9) So you leave him, and are engrossed elsewhere! (10) Assuredly this is a reminder (11) Let him who will, pay heed to it. (12) It is contained in scrolls highly honoured, (13) Exalted and holy, (14) By the hands of scribes. (15) Noble and pious. (16) May man be slain how ungrateful he is! (17) Of what substance God created him? (18) From Nutfah (male and female semen drops) He created him, and then set him in due proportion; (19) Then made his passage easy (at birth); (20) and in the end He causes him to die and brings him to the grave; (21) and then, whenever He wishes, He will raise him back to life. (22) Nay, but (man) has not done what He commanded him. (23) Then let man look at his food, (24) We send down abundant water, (25) Then We cracked the earth open under pressure (of germination) (26) We make the grain grow out of it, (27) And Grapes and nutritious plants, (28) olives, dates, (29) Orchards thick with trees, (30) And fruit and grass - (31) all this as a provision for you and your cattle. (32) But, when the Blast comes, (33) On the Day whereon a man shall flee from his brother, (34) his mother, his father, (35) And from his wife and his children. (36) Each man will have enough cares that day. (37) Some faces will shine, (38) Laughing, rejoicing. (39) Some faces on that Day shall be dust-ridden, (40) Covered with the blackness (of shame): (41) These will be the faces of the sinful disbelievers. (42)
Allah the Almighty always says the truth.
End of Surah: He Frowned ('Abasa). Sent down in Mecca after The Stars (Al-Najm) before Destiny (Al-Qadr)