He Frowned ('Abasa)
42 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Stars (Al-Najm) before Destiny (Al-Qadr)
In the name of God, The Most Gracious, The Dispenser of Grace
۞ He frowned and turned away. (1) Because there came to him the blind man (interrupting). (2) But what could tell you that per chance he might become pure (from sins)? (3) or he might be mindful and good counsel might avail him. (4) For him who does not care, (5) To him dost thou attend; (6) And you have nothing to lose if he does not become pure. (7) And he who comes to thee eagerly (8) And hath fear, (9) From him will you divert yourself. (10) These verses are a reminder (11) (and whoso wills, shall remember it) (12) in [the light of His] revelations blest with dignity, (13) Exalted and purified, (14) By the hands of scribes. (15) noble and virtuous scribes. (16) [But only too often] man destroys himself: how stubbornly does he deny the truth! (17) Of what [stuff] has He created him? (18) From Nutfah (male and female semen drops) He created him, and then set him in due proportion; (19) and then makes it easy for him to go through life; (20) Then He causes him to die, and puts him in his grave; (21) then, He will raise him when He wills. (22) By no means hath he fulfilled what Allah hath commanded him. (23) Let man consider his food: (24) How We poured down water in torrents, (25) and then We cleaved the earth asunder. (26) And We made corn grow, (27) And Grapes and nutritious plants, (28) and olives and palms, (29) And enclosed gardens luxuriant. (30) And fruits and herbage: (31) (These are made so as to be) means of enjoyment for you and your cattle. (32) But when the deafening blast is sounded, (33) That Day shall a man flee from his brother, (34) And his mother and his father, (35) And from his wife and his children. (36) Everyman, that Day, will have enough to make him careless of others. (37) Some faces on that day shall shine (38) laughing, rejoicing at glad tidings. (39) but others will be gloomy (40) Blackness will cover them: (41) these, these will be the ones who denied the truth and were immersed in iniquity! (42)
Almighty God's Truth.
End of Surah: He Frowned ('Abasa). Sent down in Mecca after The Stars (Al-Najm) before Destiny (Al-Qadr)