He Frowned ('Abasa)
42 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Stars (Al-Najm) before Destiny (Al-Qadr)
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
۞ He frowned and turned away. (1) Because a blind man came to him. (2) What made you think that he will not grow in virtue, (3) Or that he might receive admonition, and the teaching might profit him? (4) Now he who waxes indifferent, (5) To him dost thou attend; (6) though it is not thy concern, if he does not cleanse himself. (7) But as for him who cometh unto thee with earnest purpose (8) And hath fear, (9) From him will you divert yourself. (10) Nay! surely it is an admonishment. (11) So whoever wills may remember it. (12) On honoured leaves (13) Exalted, pure. (14) In the hands of scribes (15) noble and pious. (16) May (the disbelieving) human being be condemned! What makes him disbelieve? (17) From what thing doth He create him? (18) Of a small seed; He created him, then He made him according to a measure, (19) and then made the course of life easy for him, (20) Then He causeth him to die, and putteth him in his grave; (21) Then, when it is His Will, He will raise him up (again). (22) Indeed, he has not fulfilled that which He has ordered him. (23) Then let man look to his food, (24) We poured out the rains abundantly, (25) And We split the earth in fragments, (26) And We made corn grow, (27) And grapes and herbage, (28) and olives, and palms, (29) And enclosed Gardens, dense with lofty trees, (30) And fruits and fodder: (31) an enjoyment for you and your flocks. (32) AND SO, when the piercing call [of resurrection] is heard (33) That Day shall a man flee from his own brother, (34) And from his mother and his father, (35) And his wife and his sons; (36) For every one of them on that Day shall be business enough to occupy (37) on that Day some faces will be beaming, (38) laughing and joyous (39) And (many) faces on that day, on them shall be dust, (40) with darkness overspread: (41) Those, they are the unbelievers, the immoral. (42)
Allah Almighty has spoken the truth.
End of Surah: He Frowned ('Abasa). Sent down in Mecca after The Stars (Al-Najm) before Destiny (Al-Qadr)