Jinns (Al-Jinn)
28 verses, revealed in Mecca after A 'araaf (Al-A 'araaf) before Y S (Yaa Seen)
In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
۞ (Muhammad), say, "It has been revealed to me that a party of jinn has listened (to the recitation) of the Quran and has told (their people), "We heard an amazing reading (1) Which guides to the right path; and we have come to believe in it, and will not associate any one with our Lord. (2) And He - exalted be the majesty of our Lord! hath taken neither a spouse nor a son. (3) and that “the foolish among us have been wont to say outrageous things about Allah”; (4) We had supposed that men and jinn would never utter a lie against God. (5) But some men used to seek refuge with some jinns, and this increased their waywardness; (6) 'And they (came to) think as ye thought, that Allah would not raise up any one (to Judgment). (7) And that we sought to reach heaven, but we found it filled with strong guards and flaming stars. (8) We would sit there on seats to hear; but any listening now finds a meteor in wait for him. (9) And that we know not whether evil is meant for those who are on earth or whether their Lord means to bring them good: (10) 'There are among us some that are righteous, and some the contrary; we are groups each having a different way (religious sect, etc.). (11) And we have become certain that we will never cause failure to Allah upon earth, nor can we escape Him by flight. (12) So when we heard the guidance we believed in it; and he who believes in his Lord will neither fear loss nor force. (13) And of us some are Muslims, and of us some are deviators. Then whosoever hath embraced Islam - such have endeavoured after a path of rectitude. (14) But as for the unjust, they will be, for Hell, firewood.' (15) Would they but go straight on the way, We would give them to drink of water copious, (16) So We might test them therein. And whoever turns away from the remembrance of his Lord He will put into arduous punishment. (17) The mosques are for God's worship -- so do not invoke anyone else along with God -- (18) When the servant of God stood calling on Him, they were wellnigh upon him in swarms. (19)