Jinns (Al-Jinn)
28 verses, revealed in Mecca after A 'araaf (Al-A 'araaf) before Y S (Yaa Seen)
In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
۞ Say thou: it hath been revealed unto me that a company of the jinn listened, and said, verily we have listened to a Recitation wondrous. (1) 'It gives guidance to the Right, and we have believed therein: we shall not join (in worship) any (gods) with our Lord. (2) and that “He exalted be His Majesty has not taken to Himself either a wife or a son”; (3) "'And [now we know] that the foolish among us were wont to say outrageous things about God, (4) we never thought that either human or jinn would ever tell a lie against Allah!' (5) But there were certain men of mankind who would take refuge with certain men of the jinn, and they increased them in vileness, (6) Like you, they thought that Allah would never raise the dead. (7) And we stretched towards heaven, but we found it filled with terrible guards and meteors. (8) And we were wont to sit on seats therein to listen; but whosoever listeneth now findeth for him a dartin meteor in wait. (9) and that “we do not know whether evil is intended for those on the earth, or whether their Lord intends to direct them to the Right Way”; (10) And that some of us are good and others of us are below that: we are sects following different ways: (11) We have realized that we could never thwart God on earth and that we would never be able to thwart Him by flight. (12) and that “when we heard the teaching of the Right Way we came to believe in it; he who believes in His Lord shall have no fear of suffering loss or being subjected to any injustice”; (13) Some of us are obedient while others are wrongdoers; it is the obedient who have found the right path, (14) ‘And as for the unjust they are the fuel of hell.’” (15) If they had followed the right path, We would have provided them with abundant rain -- (16) so that We might try them through this bounty. Whoso turns away from the remembrance of his Lord, He will cause him to suffer a grievous chastisement; (17) The mosques are for God's worship -- so do not invoke anyone else along with God -- (18) And when the bondman of Allah stood calling upon Him, they well nigh pressed on him stifling. (19)