Jinns (Al-Jinn)
28 verses, revealed in Mecca after A 'araaf (Al-A 'araaf) before Y S (Yaa Seen)
In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful
۞ Say, "It has been revealed to me that a band of the jinn listened [to the Quran] and they said, "We have heard a really wonderful recital, (1) guiding to rectitude. We believe in it, and we will not associate with our Lord anyone. (2) He exalted be the Majesty of our Lord, who has neither taken to Himself a wife, nor a son! (3) Certainly the foolish among us say preposterous things of God. (4) And we had thought that mankind and the jinn would never speak about Allah a lie. (5) And indeed (O Muhammad) individuals of humankind used to invoke the protection of individuals of the jinn, so that they increased them in revolt against Allah); (6) And they had thought, as you thought, that Allah would never send anyone [as a messenger]. (7) And we have sought [to reach] the heaven but found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames. (8) And that we used to sit in some of the sitting-places thereof to steal a hearing, but he who would (try to) listen now would find a flame lying in wait for him: (9) 'And we know not whether evil is intended for those on earth, or whether their Lord intends for them a Right Path. (10) And that some of us are good and others of us are below that: we are sects following different ways: (11) "'And withal, we have come to know that we can never elude God [while we live] on earth, and that we can never elude Him by escaping [from life]. (12) And when we heard the guidance, we believed in it. And whoever believes in his Lord will not fear deprivation or burden. (13) ‘And that some among us are Muslims and some are the unjust; and whoever has accepted Islam it is they who have thought rightly.’ (14) And as for the deviators, for Hell they shall be fuel. (15) If they had followed the Path We would give to them abundant water to drink, (16) So We might test them therein. And whoever turns away from the remembrance of his Lord He will put into arduous punishment. (17) "And the places of worship are for Allah (alone): So invoke not any one along with Allah; (18) And that when the Servant of Allah stood up supplicating Him, they almost became about him a compacted mass." (19)