Jinns (Al-Jinn)
28 verses, revealed in Mecca after A 'araaf (Al-A 'araaf) before Y S (Yaa Seen)
In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
۞ Say, [O Muhammad], "It has been revealed to me that a group of the jinn listened and said, 'Indeed, we have heard an amazing Qur'an. (1) Guiding to the right way, so we believe in it, and we will not set up any one with our Lord: (2) And [it teaches] that exalted is the nobleness of our Lord; He has not taken a wife or a son (3) ‘And that the fool among us used to utter false exaggerations against Allah.’ (4) and that [we were mistaken when] we thought that neither man nor [any of] the invisible forces would ever tell a lie about God. (5) And persons among humankind have been seeking refuge with persons of the jinn, so that they increased them in evil disposition. (6) 'And they thought as you thought, that Allah will not send any Messenger (to mankind or jinns). (7) We sought to pry into the secrets of the heavens, but found it full of fierce guards and shooting flames. (8) And we used to sit therein in positions for hearing, but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him. (9) we cannot tell if this bodes evil to those who dwell on earth or whether their Lord intends to guide them. (10) For some of us are upright and some otherwise: Surely we follow different ways. (11) Indeed, we thought that we should never be able to frustrate God in the earth, neither be able to frustrate Him by flight. (12) 'And indeed when we heard the Guidance (this Quran), we believed therein (Islamic Monotheism), and whosoever believes in his Lord shall have no fear, either of a decrease in the reward of his good deeds or an increase in punishment for his sins. (13) And there are among us some who have surrendered (to Allah) and there are among us some who are unjust. And whoso hath surrendered to Allah, such have taken the right path purposefully. (14) but as for those who abandon themselves to wrongdoing - they are indeed but fuel for [the fires of] hell!'" (15) (Say): "If they keep to the right path We shall give them water in abundance to drink (16) In order to try them through it. But whoever turns away from the remembrance of his Lord, will be given increasing torment by Him." (17) And [know] that all worship is due to God [alone]: hence, do not invoke anyone side by side with God! (18) And when the bondman of Allah stood calling upon Him, they well nigh pressed on him stifling. (19)