۞ Have you not seen the hypocrites who say to their disbelieving brothers among the People of the Book, "If you are driven out, we shall, also, leave the town with you and we shall never obey whoever seeks to harm you. If you are attacked, we shall help you." God testifies that they are liars. (11) Surely, if they (the Jews) are expelled, never will they (hypocrites) go out with them, and if they are attacked, they will never help them. And if they do help them, they (hypocrites) will turn their backs, so they will not be victorious. (12) Nay, [O believers,] you arouse in their bosoms a fear more intense than [even their fear of] God: this, because they are people who fail to grasp the truth. (13) They will not fight against you all together except in fortified cities, or from behind walls. Their valour is great, among themselves; you think of them as a host; but their hearts are scattered; that is because they are a people who have no sense. (14) Just as those who, not long before, tasted the mischief of their actions, there awaits for them a painful punishment. (15) the like of [what happens] when Satan says unto man, "Deny the truth!" - but as soon as [man] has denied the truth, [Satan] says, "Behold, I am not responsible for thee: behold, I fear God, the Sustainer of all the worlds!" (16) Their end is, both are in the Fire, there dwelling forever; that is the recompense of the evildoers. (17)