We verily created man and We know what his soul whispereth to him, and We are nearer to him than his jugular vein. (16) When both receivers (the angels) receive, one on his right, the other on his left, (17) Not a word does he (or she) utter, but there is a watcher by him ready (to record it). (18) Lo, the agony of death has indeed come with the Truth. That is what you had sought to avoid. (19) The trumpet will be sounded. This is the Day [you were] warned of. (20) And every soul will come, with it a driver and a witness. (21) You were heedless of this. Now We have removed your veil and so your vision today is sharp. (22) His companion will say: "Here is (the record) I have ready with me." (23) (They will be told,) "Throw into hell every persistent disbelievers, (24) Forbidder of good, exceeder of limits, doubter, (25) "Who set up another ilah (god) with Allah, then (both of you) cast him in the severe torment." (26) ۞ His accompanying devil said, “Our Lord! I did not cause him to rebel, but he himself was in extreme error.” (27) "Do not argue in My presence. I had announced the promise of doom in advance. (28) The judgment passed by Me shall not be altered; but never do I do the least wrong unto My creatures!" (29)