Indeed, We created the human. We know the whisperings of his soul, and are closer to him than the jugular vein. (16) When the two receiving angels receive from him, one seated on the right and one on the left. (17) He uttereth no word but there is with him an observer ready. (18) And the stupor of death will come in truth: this is that which thou hast been shunning. (19) And the Trumpet shall be blown: that will be the Day whereof Warning (had been given). (20) And every soul came, along with a herder and a witness. (21) [and will be told:] "Indeed, unmindful hast thou been of this [Day of Judgment]; but now We have lifted from thee thy veil, and sharp is thy sight today!" (22) And his companion will say: this is that which with me is ready. (23) It will be said to the angels, “Both of you fling every excessive ungrateful, stubborn person into hell.” (24) "Who forbade what was good, transgressed all bounds, cast doubts and suspicions; (25) Who setteth up another god along with Allah. Do ye twain hurl him to the dreadful doom. (26) ۞ His companion will say: O our Lord! caused him not to transgress but he was himself in error far off. (27) God will say, "Do not quarrel in My presence. I gave you the warning beforehand (28) The judgment passed by Me shall not be altered; but never do I do the least wrong unto My creatures!" (29)