Q (Qaaf)
45 verses, revealed in Mecca after Dispatched (Al-Mursalaat) before The Town (Al-Balad)
Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Qaf. By the glorious Koran! (1) Rather they were shocked that a Herald of Warning came to them from among themselves, so the disbelievers said, “This is something really strange.” (2) What! when we are dead and have become dust? That is afar (from probable) return. (3) We know indeed what the earth diminishes of them, and with Us is a writing that preserves. (4) But they denied the truth when it came to them, so they are in a confused condition. (5) Have they not observed the sky above them and marked how We have built it and adorned it, leaving no flaws in it; (6) And the earth - We have spread it wide, and set upon it mountains firm, and caused it to bring forth plants of all beauteous kinds, (7) as a lesson and a reminder to every penitent worshiper. (8) And We sent down out of heaven water blessed, and caused to grow thereby gardens and grain of harvest (9) And tall date-palms with their spathes pile on pile (10) A sustenance for the servants, and We give life thereby to a dead land; thus is the rising. (11) And before them the people of Nuh belied, and so did the dwellers of Rass and the Thamud. (12) and Ad and Pharaoh, the brothers of Lot, (13) And the dwellers of the Wood and people of Tubba'. Each of them denied the apostles. So My threat became a reality. (14) So did We tire by creating the first time? Rather they doubt being created again. (15)