Q (Qaaf)
45 verses, revealed in Mecca after Dispatched (Al-Mursalaat) before The Town (Al-Balad)
In the name of God, The Most Gracious, The Dispenser of Grace
Qaf. I swear by the glorious Quran (that Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah) (1) But nay - they deem it strange that a warner should have come unto them from their own midst; and so these deniers of the truth are saying, "A strange thing is this! (2) What, when we are dead and turned to dust? That indeed would be an unlikely return' (3) We know all that the earth takes away of them, and a Book of Records is with Us. (4) But they deny the Truth when it comes to them: so they are in a confused state. (5) Have they not looked up to the heaven above them, in what wise We have constructed and bedecked it, and that therein is no rift? (6) We spread out the earth and set upon it firm mountains, and We cause every delightful thing to grow in it (7) as a lesson and reminder for every human being who turns to God; (8) We have sent blessed water down from the sky to grow gardens, harvestable crops (9) And tall date-palms laden with clusters ranged. (10) As sustenance for (Allah's) Servants;- and We give (new) life therewith to land that is dead: Thus will be the Resurrection. (11) Cried lies before them the people of Noah and the men of Er-Rass, and Thamood, (12) As did the people of 'Ad and Pharaoh and the brethren of Lot, (13) And the dwellers in the wood, and the people of Tubba; each one belied the apostles, wherefore fulfilled was My judgement. (14) Could We, then, be [thought of as being] worn out by the first creation? Nay - but some people are [still] lost in doubt about [the possibility of] a new creation! (15)