And We have not created the heaven and the earth and whatsoever is in-between the twain in vain. That is the opinion of those who disbelieve. And woe unto those who disbelieve from the Fire. (27) Shall We then treat alike those that believe and act righteously and those that create mischief on earth? Or treat alike the God-fearing and the wicked? (28) It is a Blessed Book that We have sent down to you (Prophet Muhammad), so that those possessed with minds might ponder its verses and remember. (29) And We bestowed Sulaiman to Dawud; what an excellent bondman! He is indeed most inclined. (30) [and even] when, towards the close of day, nobly-bred, swift-footed steeds were brought before him, (31) Therefore Sulaiman said, “I cherish the love of these horses*, out of remembrance of my Lord”; he then ordered them to be raced until they vanished in a curtain out of sight. (To be used in holy war.) (32) "Bring them back to me!" -- [he said] and began to stroke their legs and their necks. (33) And verily We tried Solomon, and set upon his throne a (mere) body. Then did he repent. (34) He said: "My Lord! Forgive me, and bestow upon me a kingdom such as shall not belong to any other after me: Verily, You are the Bestower." (35) Then We subjected the wind to his power, so that it blew gently, at his behest, wherever he willed, (36) And We subjected to him the evil ones: every builder and diver. (37) and others chained in fetters. (38) We told him, "This is Our gift to you so give them away free or keep them as you like". (39) And he has a place near to Us, and a fine return. (40)