S (Saad)
88 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Moon (Al-Qamar) before A 'araaf (Al-A 'araaf)
In the name of God, The Most Gracious, The Dispenser of Grace
Sad. By the renowned Qur'an, (1) No, the unbelievers exalt in their division. (2) How many a generation have We destroyed before them, and they [then] called out; but it was not a time for escape. (3) And they marvel that there should come unto them a warner from among themselves. And the infidels say: this is a magician and a liar! (4) Does he make all the deities out to be one God? This is indeed a strange thing." (5) And their leaders launch forth [thus]: "Go ahead, and hold steadfastly onto your deities: this, behold, is the only thing to do! (6) “We never heard of this even in Christianity, the latest religion; this is clearly a newly fabricated matter.” (7) Has this Exhortation been sent down among us only to him, to the exclusion of all others?” Nay, they are in doubt regarding My Exhortation, and are saying all this because they have not yet had any taste of My chastisement. (8) Or do they hold the treasures of the mercy of your Lord, the Almighty, the Great Bestower? (9) Or, is theirs the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them? Then let them ascend by (their) means! (10) A very host of parties is routed there! (11) Cried lies before them the people of Noah, and Ad, and Pharaoh, he of the tent-pegs, (12) And Samood and the people of Lut and the dwellers of the thicket; these were the parties. (13) not one [was there] but gave the lie to the apostles - and thereupon My retribution fell due. (14)