S (Saad)
88 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Moon (Al-Qamar) before A 'araaf (Al-A 'araaf)
In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful
Sad. By the Qur'an containing reminder... (1) In fact, the unbelievers are the ones who are boastful and quarrelsome. (2) Many a generation We did destroy before them thereupon they cried out whereas it is not the time to escape! (3) And they wonder that there has come to them a warner from among themselves, and the disbelievers say: This is an enchanter, a liar. (4) "Has he made the aliha (gods) (all) into One Ilah (God - Allah). Verily, this is a curious thing!" (5) Their leaders departed, saying, "Walk away! Hold fast to your deities. This is clearly a conspiracy. (6) We have not heard of this in the latest religion. This is not but a fabrication. (7) Hath the reminder been unto him (alone) among us? Nay, but they are in doubt concerning My reminder; nay but they have not yet tasted My doom. (8) Or do they hold the treasures of the mercy of your Lord, the Almighty, the Great Bestower? (9) Or have they the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all between? If so, let them mount up with the ropes and means (to reach that end)! (10) A host of deserters of the allies shall be here put to flight. (11) Even before them the people of Noah, 'Ad, the mighty Pharoah, (12) and Thamood, and the people of Lot, and the men of the Thicket - those were the parties; (13) Each of them denied the messengers, so My penalty was justified. (14)