Coin for them a similitude: The people of the city when those sent (from Allah) came unto them; (13) When We sent to them two Messengers, they belied them both, so We reinforced them with a third, and they said: "Verily! We have been sent to you as Messengers." (14) "You are only men like us," they replied; "Ar-Rahman has not sent down any thing. You are speaking only lies." (15) The Messengers said: “Our Lord knows that we have indeed been sent to you (16) And we are not responsible except for clear notification." (17) They (the people of the city) said, “We think you are ominous; indeed, if you do not desist, we shall surely stone you to death, and you will surely face a grievous torture at our hands.” (18) The Messengers said, "This ill omen lies within yourselves. Will you then take heed? In fact, you are a transgressing people." (19) Then came a man from the furthest part of the city, running; he said, 'My people, follow the Envoys! (20) Follow those who ask no reward of you, and themselves are rightly guided! (21) "Why should I not worship Him who has brought me into being, and to whom you shall all be recalled? (22) Should I take other than Him [false] deities [while], if the Most Merciful intends for me some adversity, their intercession will not avail me at all, nor can they save me? (23) Surely in that case I should be in manifest error. (24) Indeed, I have believed in your Lord, so listen to me." (25) It was said (to him when the disbelievers killed him): "Enter Paradise." He said: "Would that my people knew! (26) "For that my Lord has granted me Forgiveness and has enrolled me among those held in honour!" (27) ۞ And after that, no host out of heaven did We send down against his people, nor did We need to send down any: (28) It was but one shout, and lo! they were extinct. (29) Alas for men! No apostle ever came to them but they made fun of him. (30) Do they not consider how many of the generations have We destroyed before them, because they do not turn to them? (31) And all of them shall surely be brought before Us. (32)