AND SET FORTH unto them a parable - [the story of how] the people of a township [behaved] when [Our] message-bearers came unto them. (13) When We sent two of them they called them liars; so We sent a third to strengthen them. "We have been sent to you," they said. (14) They replied, "You are nothing but mortal men like us and the Merciful God has not revealed anything. You are surely lying." (15) The Messengers said: “Our Lord knows that we have indeed been sent to you (16) but we are not bound to do more than clearly deliver the message [entrusted to us]." (17) They answered: 'We predict evil of you. If you do not desist, we will stone you and a painful punishment from us will befall you' (18) The Messengers said, "This ill omen lies within yourselves. Will you then take heed? In fact, you are a transgressing people." (19) At that, a man came running from the farthest end of the city, [and] exclaimed: "O my people! Follow these message-bearers! (20) Follow those who do not ask you for any reward and who are rightly guided. (21) For what cause should I not serve Him Who hath created me, and unto Whom ye will be brought back? (22) "Shall I take besides Him aliha (gods), if the Most Beneficent (Allah) intends me any harm, their intercession will be of no use for me whatsoever, nor can they save me? (23) In that case I shall most surely be in clear error: (24) Behold, I believe in your Lord; therefore hear me!' (25) (Eventually they killed him and he was told): “Enter Paradise.” The man exclaimed: “Would that my people knew (26) That my Lord hath forgiven me, and hath made me of the honoured ones. (27) ۞ We did not send down any army against his people from heaven, nor did We have to send one. (28) There was but a single Blast and suddenly they became silent and still. (29) Ah! Alas for (My) Servants! There comes not a messenger to them but they mock him! (30) Are they not aware of how many a generation We have destroyed before their time, [and] that those [that have perished] will never return to them, (31) all shall be arraigned before Us. (32)