Narrate to them the example of the people of the city when the messengers came to it. (13) What time We sent unto them two, then they belied the twain, wherefore We strengthened them with a third, and they said: verily we are unto you the sent ones. (14) They said, "You are not but human beings like us, and the Most Merciful has not revealed a thing. You are only telling lies." (15) They said: 'Our Lord knows that we are Messengers to you. (16) And our duty is but plain conveyance (of the message). (17) Said [the others]: "Truly, we augur evil from you! Indeed, if you desist not, we will surely stone you, and grievous suffering is bound to befall you at our hands!" (18) (The messengers) said: "The augury is within your own selves. Do you (consider it a bad omen) that you should be warned? You are a people guilty of excess." (19) And there came from the farthest end of the city a man, running. He said, "O my people, follow the messengers. (20) Follow those who do not ask for any recompense of you, and are rightly guided. (21) "And why should I not worship Him (Allah Alone) Who has created me and to Whom you shall be returned. (22) “What! Shall I appoint Gods other than Allah? So that if the Most Gracious should wish me any harm, their intercession would be of no use to me, nor would they be able to save me?” (23) "Then verily, I should be in plain error. (24) Verily! I have believed in your Lord, so listen to me!" (25) It was said to him, “Enter Paradise”; he said, “If only my people knew!” (26) How my Lord has forgiven me and made me one of those who are honoured!" (27) ۞ We did not send an army against his people from the heaven after his death nor did We need to send one. (28) There was just one blast, and they were extinguished. (29) Ah the misery of the bondmen! there cometh not unto them an apostle, but him they have been mocking. (30) Do they not see how many generations We have destroyed before them? Never shall they return to them. (31) And without exception, all of them will be brought forth before Us. (32)