Narrate to them the example of the people of the city when the messengers came to it. (13) When We sent to them two but they denied them, so We strengthened them with a third, and they said, "Indeed, we are messengers to you." (14) They said: ye are but human beings like ourselves; the Compassionate hath not sent down aught; ye are only lying. (15) Said [the apostles]: "Our Sustainer knows that we have indeed been sent unto you; (16) And nothing devolves on us but a clear deliverance (of the message). (17) The people of the town said: “We believe you are an evil omen for us. If you do not desist, we will stone you or you will receive a grievous chastisement from us.” (18) They said, "Your evil augury be with you! Is it because you are admonished about the truth? Surely, you are a people transgressing all bounds!" (19) And there came from the farthest end of the city a man, running. He said, "O my people, follow the messengers. (20) Follow those who ask no reward of you, and themselves are rightly guided! (21) And what aileth me that I should not worship Him who hath created me, and unto whom ye shall be returned. (22) Should I take other than Him [false] deities [while], if the Most Merciful intends for me some adversity, their intercession will not avail me at all, nor can they save me? (23) "I would indeed, if I were to do so, be in manifest Error. (24) Surely I believe in your Lord, therefore hear me. (25) (Eventually they killed him and he was told): “Enter Paradise.” The man exclaimed: “Would that my people knew (26) "That my Lord (Allah) has forgiven me, and made me of the honoured ones!" (27) ۞ And We did not send down upon his people after him any hosts from heaven, nor do We ever send down. (28) It was but one shout, and lo! they were extinct. (29) Ah, woe for those servants! Never comes unto them a Messenger, but they mock at him. (30) Have they not considered how many generations We destroyed before them - that they to them will not return? (31) And surely all, every one of them, shall be brought before Us. (32)