۞ Say, "I advise you to believe only in One God and worship Him individually or two people together." Think carefully; your companion is not possessed by jinn. He is only warning you of the coming severe torment. (46) Say, “Whatever fee I might have asked from you upon this, is yours; my reward is only upon Allah; and He is Witness over all things.” (47) Say thou: verily my Lord hurleth the truth: the Knower of things hidden. (48) Say: The truth has come, and the falsehood shall vanish and shall not come back. (49) Say: “If I go astray then the hurt of straying will come only upon me. But if I am rightly-guided, that is only because of the revelation that my Lord makes to me. He is All-Hearing, Ever Nigh.” (50) If thou couldst but see when they will quake with terror; but then there will be no escape (for them), and they will be seized from a position (quite) near. (51) And they will say, "We do believe (now) in the (Truth)"; but how could they receive (Faith) from a position (so far off,- (52) And they disbelieved in it before, and they utter conjectures with regard to the unseen from a distant place. (53) And between them and their desires, is placed a barrier, as was done in the past with their partisans: for they were indeed in suspicious (disquieting) doubt. (54)
Allah Almighty has spoken the truth.
End of Surah: Sheba (Saba). Sent down in Mecca after Luqmaan (Luqmaan) before The Throngs (Al-Zumer)