۞ Say: "I urge upon you only one thing: Stand up for God two by two or one by one, and think and reflect!" There is no madness about your companion. He is a warner against the dreadful affliction (that awaits). (46) Say thou: whatsoever hire I might have asked of you is yours; my hire is with Allah only. And He is of everything a Witness. (47) Proclaim, “Indeed my Lord sends down the truth; the All Knowing of all the hidden.” (48) Say: The truth has come, and the falsehood shall vanish and shall not come back. (49) Proclaim, “If I stray, I stray only for my own harm; and if I attain guidance, it is because of what my Lord has sent down to me; indeed He is All Hearing, Close.” (50) And if you could see when they are terrified but there is no escape, and they will be seized from a place nearby. (51) They will then say: “We believe in it”; but whence can they attain it from so far-off a place? (52) seeing they disbelieved in it before, guessing at the Unseen from a place far away? (53) And a barrier is set between them and what they desire*, as was done for their earlier groups; indeed they are in a doubt that deceives. (To accept faith or return to earth) (54)
True are the words of God the Almighty.
End of Surah: Sheba (Saba). Sent down in Mecca after Luqmaan (Luqmaan) before The Throngs (Al-Zumer)