Say: "Call upon other (gods) whom ye fancy, besides Allah: They have no power,- not the weight of an atom,- in the heavens or on earth: No (sort of) share have they therein, nor is any of them a helper to Allah. (22) No intercession avails with Him, except on the part of one to whom He grants permission. When their hearts are relieved of fear, they will enquire from those to whom permission is granted, "What has your Lord said?" They will answer, "The truth. He is the Most High, the Supreme One." (23) ۞ Ask them, (O Prophet): “Who provides you sustenance from the heavens and the earth?” Say: “Allah. Now, inevitably only one of us is rightly guided, either we or you; and the other is in manifest error.” (24) Say: You will not be questioned as to what we are guilty of, nor shall we be questioned as to what you do. (25) Say: "Our Lord will gather us together and judge between us equitably, for He is the Judge all-knowing." (26) Say: "Just show me those you associate with Him as compeers." No, (you cannot), for He is God, the all-mighty and all-wise." (27) We have sent you only as a bearer of good tidings and admonisher for all mankind; yet most people do not understand. (28) They ask you: “When will this promise (of Resurrection) be fulfilled, if what you say is true?” (29) Say: "The appointment to you is for a Day, which ye cannot put back for an hour nor put forward." (30)