Say: 'Call on those you have asserted apart from God; they possess not so much as the weight of an ant in the heavens nor in the earth; they have no partnership in either of them, nor has He in them any supporter.' (22) Intercession will not avail with Him save for him to whom He gives leave; till, when terror is lifted from their hearts, they will say, "What said your Lord?' They will say, 'The truth; and He is the All-high; the All-great.' (23) ۞ Say: Who gives you the sustenance from the heavens and the earth? Say: Allah. And most surely we or you are on a right way or in manifest error (24) Say (O Muhammad SAW to these polytheists, pagans, etc.) "You will not be asked about our sins, nor shall we be asked of what you do." (25) Say thou: our Lord shall assemble us together, then He shall judge between us with truth; and He is the Great Judge, the Knower. (26) Say, “(Dare you) Show me those whom you have matched with Him never! Rather only He is Allah, the Most Honourable, the Wise.” (27) NOW [as for thee, O Muhammad,] We have not sent thee otherwise than to mankind at large, to be a herald of glad tidings and a warner; but most people do not understand [this,] (28) They say, 'When shall this promise come to pass, if you speak the truth?' (29) Say: You have the appointment of a day from which you cannot hold back any while, nor can you bring it on. (30)