The unbelievers have said, "Shall we and our fathers be brought out of the graves after we become dust? (67) “Indeed this promise was given to us, and before us to our forefathers this is nothing but stories of former people.” (68) Say (unto them, O Muhammad): Travel in the land and see the nature of the sequel for the guilty! (69) And grieve not for them and be not distressed because of what they plan. (70) They ask, "When the Day of Judgment will come, if it is true at all?" (71) Say, "It may be that a part of what you would hasten on is close behind you." (72) And verily thine Lord is full of grace for mankind, but most of them give not thanks. (73) And most surely your Lord knows what their breasts conceal and what they manifest. (74) And all the hidden secrets of the heavens and the earth are (written) in a clear Book. (The Preserved Tablet) (75) This Quran explains to the children of Israel much of what they differ over, (76) It is a guidance and grace for those who believe. (77) Surely your Lord in His wisdom will decide between them. He is all-mighty and all-knowing. (78) So put thy trust in God; thou art upon the manifest truth. (79) Indeed the dead* do not listen to your call nor do the deaf* listen to your call, when they flee turning back. (The dead and deaf implies the disbelievers.) (80) Nor can you be a guide to the blind out of their error; you cannot make to bear (any one) except those who believe in Our communications, so they submit. (81) ۞ When the word about them comes true We shall make a creature appear to them on earth who will tell them that people had no faith in Our revelations. (82)