And those who disbelieve say, "When we have become dust as well as our forefathers, will we indeed be brought out [of the graves]? (67) “Indeed this promise was given to us, and before us to our forefathers this is nothing but stories of former people.” (68) Say (unto them, O Muhammad): Travel in the land and see the nature of the sequel for the guilty! (69) And grieve not for them and be not distressed because of what they plan. (70) They ask, "When will this promise be fulfilled, if what you say be true?" (71) Say: "Perhaps some of what you wish to hasten is right behind you." (72) Verily your Lord is gracious to men, though most men are ungrateful. (73) Your Lord certainly knows whatever their hearts conceal or reveal. (74) There is nothing that is hidden - be it in the heaven or the earth - but is recorded in a Clear Book. (75) Lo! this Qur'an narrateth unto the Children of Israel most of that concerning which they differ. (76) And truly, it (this Quran) is a guide and a mercy to the believers. (77) Verily, your Lord will decide between them (various sects) by His Judgement. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing. (78) Trust in God for you follow the manifest truth. (79) Surely you do not make the dead to hear, and you do not make the deaf to hear the call when they go back retreating. (80) Nor can you lead the blind when they have gone astray. You can make none hear except those who believe in Our signs and have come to peace and submission. (81) ۞ And when the Word (promise) appears upon them, We shall bring forth for them a beast from the earth to speak to them because the people were not accepting faith in Our signs. (This beast will rise from the earth, when the Last Day draws near.) (82)