The Ant (Al-Naml)
93 verses, revealed in Mecca after The Poets (Alshu'araa') before Stories (Al-Qasas)
In the name of Allah, most benevolent, ever-merciful
۞ Ta'. Sin. These are the verses of the Qur'an and a Clear Book; (1) They are glad news and guidance for the believers (2) Who keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, and of the hereafter, they are sure. (3) Those who do not believe in the Hereafter We have made their deeds seem good to them, so they are astray. (4) those are they whom an evil chastisement awaits, and they will be the greatest losers in the Hereafter. (5) (Muhammad), you have certainly received the Quran from the All-wise and All-knowing One. (6) (Remember) when Moses said unto his household: Lo! I spy afar off a fire; I will bring you tidings thence, or bring to you a borrowed flame that ye may warm yourselves. (7) When he approached the fire, he was told, "Blessed is the one in the fire and those around it. All glory belongs to God, the Lord of the Universe. (8) "O Moses! verily, I am Allah, the exalted in might, the wise!.... (9) Throw down your staff." When he saw it wriggling like a serpent he turned his back and fled without turning (to look). "O Moses," (said the voice), "be not fearful. Surely those sent as messengers do not fear in My presence, (10) and neither need anyone who has done wrong and then has replaced the wrong with good: for, verily, I am much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace! (11) And put your hand into the opening of your garment [at the breast]; it will come out white without disease. [These are] among the nine signs [you will take] to Pharaoh and his people. Indeed, they have been a people defiantly disobedient." (12) When Our miracles were visibly shown to them, they said, "It is plain magic". (13) And they denied them out of malice and pride, though in their hearts they believed that they were true. So see how was the end of evil-doers! (14)