AND THEY WILL ask thee about [what will happen to] the mountains [when this world comes to an end]. Say, then: "My Sustainer will scatter them far and wide, (105) and leave the earth a levelled plain (106) Wherein thou seest neither curve nor ruggedness. (107) On that Day people shall follow straight on to the call of the summoner, no one daring to show any haughtiness. Their voices shall be hushed before the Most Compassionate Lord, so that you will hear nothing but a whispering murmur. (108) On that day no one's intercession will be of any benefit unless he has received permission from the Beneficent God and whose word is acceptable to Him. (109) He knows what is before them and behind them, and they do not comprehend Him in knowledge. (110) ۞ Faces will be humble before the Everlasting and the Self-existing God. Despair will strike those who are loaded with the burden of injustice. (111) But he who has done good things and believes, will have no fear of either being wronged or deprived. (112) We have thus sent down the Quran in Arabic and given all kinds of warnings in it, so that they may fear God, or may take heed -- (113) Exalted then be God, the real King; and do not try to anticipate the Qur'an before the completion of its revelation, but pray: "O Lord, give me greater knowledge." (114) And indeed We made a covenant with Adam before, but he forgot, and We found on his part no firm will-power. (115)