We sent revelations to Moses telling him, "Travel with My servants during the night and strike a dry road across the sea (for them). Have no fear of being overtaken (by the Pharaoh) nor of anything else". (77) So Firaun went after them with his army therefore the sea enveloped them, the way it did. (78) The Pharaoh had led his people astray, and did not rightly guide them. (79) O Children of Israel; We delivered you from your enemy, and treated with you on the right side of the mount and sent down upon you the manna and the quails. (80) "Eat from the wholesome things with which We have provided you but do not transgress, lest you should incur My wrath." [We said], "He that incurs My wrath shall surely be ruined. (81) And verily I am the Most Forgiving unto whomsoever repenteth and believeth and worketh righteously, and thereafter letteth himself remain guided. (82) ۞ "And what made you hasten from your people, O Musa (Moses)?" (83) He said: "They are close on my footsteps, and I hastened to You, O my Lord, that You might be pleased." (84) (Allah) said: "Verily! We have tried your people in your absence, and As-Samiri has led them astray." (85) So Moosa turned back to his people, angry and grieving; he said, “O my people, had not your Lord given you a good promise? Did a long time pass away for you, or did you wish that your Lord’s wrath come upon you, therefore you broke your promise with me?” (86) They said: "We broke not the promise to thee, as far as lay in our power: but we were made to carry the weight of the ornaments of the (whole) people, and we threw them (into the fire), and that was what the Samiri suggested. (87) (Then he brought out for them a Calf, a mere body that lowed; and they said, 'This is your god, and the god of Moses, whom he has forgotten.' (88) So do they not see that it does not answer to any of their speech? And has no power to cause them any harm or benefit? (89)