Also We revealed unto Moses, 'Go with My servants by night; strike for them a dry path in the sea, fearing not overtaking, neither afraid.' (77) The Pharaoh and his army chased Moses and his people but were drowned by the sea. (78) Pharaoh led his people astray; he did not guide them aright. (79) Children of Israel, We delivered you from your enemy; and We made covenant with you upon the right side of the Mount, and sent down on you manna and quails: (80) Saying: eat of the clean things wherewith We have provided you, and wax not exorbitant in respect thereof, lest My wrath alight on you; and upon whomsoever My wrath alighteth, he surely perisheth. (81) but to whosoever repents, believes and does good deeds, and is at last guided, I am Forgiving' (82) ۞ “And why did you come in haste ahead of your people, O Moosa?” (83) He answered: "They are treading in my footsteps while I have hastened unto Thee, O my Sustainer, so that Thou might be well-pleased [with me]." (84) He said, “We have therefore tried your people after you came, and Samri has led them astray.” (85) So Moses returned to his people, angry and grieved. He said, "O my people, did your Lord not make you a good promise? Then, was the time [of its fulfillment] too long for you, or did you wish that wrath from your Lord descend upon you, so you broke your promise [of obedience] to me?" (86) 'We have not failed in our tryst with thee,' they said, 'of our volition; but we were loaded with fardels, even the ornaments of the people, and we cast them, as the Samaritan also threw them, into the fire.' (87) then he forged a calf for them -- an image producing a lowing sound. They said, "This is your deity, the deity of Moses; he has forgotten it." (88) What! could they not see that it did not return to them a reply, and (that) it did not control any harm or benefit for them? (89)