T H (Taa Haa)
135 verses, revealed in Mecca after Mary (Maryam) before The Inevitable (Al-Waaqe'ah)
In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate
۞ Ta. Ha. (1) We have not sent down to you the Qur'an that you be distressed (2) but only as an exhortation to all who stand in awe [of God]: (3) A revelation from Him (Allah) Who has created the earth and high heavens. (4) (Allah) Most Gracious is firmly established on the throne (of authority). (5) His is whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever on the earth and whatsoever is in between and whatsoever is underneath the earth. (6) And if you (O Muhammad SAW) speak (the invocation) aloud, then verily, He knows the secret and that which is yet more hidden. (7) Allah-- there is no god but He; His are the very best names. (8) Hath there come unto thee the story of Musa? (9) Lo! he saw a fire [in the desert]; and so he said to his family: "Wait here! Behold, I perceive a fire [far away]: perhaps I can bring you a brand there from, or find at the fire some guidance." (10) When he reached it, he was called: 'O Moses, (11) I am your Lord! Take off your sandals, for you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa. (12) "I have chosen thee: listen, then, to the inspiration (sent to thee). (13) I Am the only God. Worship Me and be steadfast in prayer to have My name always in your mind. (14) The Hour is coming. But I choose to keep it hidden, so that every human being may be recompensed in accordance with his labours. (15) “Therefore never let one, who does not accept faith in it and follows his own desires, prevent you from accepting this, so then you become ruined.” (16) The Lord asked, "Moses, what is in your right hand?" (17) He said: This is my staff whereon I lean, and wherewith I bear down branches for my sheep, and wherein I find other uses. (18) He said: 'Moses, cast it down' (19) He cast it down, and behold! It was a snake, moving quickly. (20) Allah said: take hold of it, and fear not; We shall restore it to its former state. (21) "Now - as another Sign - place your hand under your arm and it will come out sheer white without harm (or stain). (22) so that We might make thee aware of some of Our greatest wonders. (23) And go to Pharaoh now for he has transgressed all bounds." (24)