۞ Did you not see those who exchanged the grace of Allah for ungratefulness and led their people down to the home of destruction? (28) Hell, wherein they shall roast. How ill is the settlement! (29) And they set up equals with Allah that they may lead (people) astray from His path. Say: Enjoy yourselves, for surely your return is to the fire. (30) Tell My believing servants to be steadfast in prayer and to spend for the cause of their Lord, both in private and in public, out of what We have given them. Let them do this before the coming of the day when there will be no merchandising or friendship. (31) [And remember that] it is God who has created the heavens and the earth, and who sends down water from the sky and thereby brings forth [all manner] of fruits for your sustenance; and who has made ships subservient to you, so that they may sail through the sea at His behest; and has made the rivers subservient [to His laws, so that they be of use] to you; (32) And He hath subjected for you the sun and the moon, two constant toils; and He hath subjected for you the night and the day. (33) If you count the blessings of Allah, you will never number them. Indeed, the human is wicked and thankless. (34)