When they came to Joseph he made his brother his guest, and said: "I am your brother. So do not grieve for what they had done." (69) Then, while Joseph was having their provisions loaded, he put his drinking-cup in his brother's saddlebag. And then a herald cried: "Travellers, you are thieves." (70) They said while they turned toward them: what is it that ye miss! (71) They answered: "We miss the King's goblet; and he who produces it shall receive a camel-load [of grain as reward]!" And [the herald added:] "I pledge myself to this [promise]!" (72) They said: By Allah! you know for certain that we have not come to make mischief in the land, and we are not thieves. (73) They said: 'What shall be the recompense, if you prove to be lying' (74) They said: his meed shall be that he, in whose pack it is found, shall himself be recompense thereof. Thus we recompense the wrong-doers. (75) So he began (the search) with their baggage, before (he came to) the baggage of his brother: at length he brought it out of his brother's baggage. Thus did We plan for Joseph. He could not take his brother by the law of the king except that Allah willed it (so). We raise to degrees (of wisdom) whom We please: but over all endued with knowledge is one, the All-Knowing. (76) ۞ (Joseph's) brothers said, "It's no wonder that he steals; a brother of his had stolen before him." Joseph noted their remarks, but did not utter a word. He said (to himself), "You are in a worse position. God knows best what you allege." (77) They said: "O thou great one! Behold, he has a father, a very old man: detain, therefore, one of us in his stead. Verily, we see that thou art a doer of good!" (78) He said: Allah forbid that we should take anyone but him with whom we found our stuff; verily then we should be the wrong-doers. (79)