And when they entered unto Yusuf, he betook his full brother unto himself, and said: verily I am thine own brother Yusuf, so sorrow not over that which they have been working. (69) And when he had provided them their provision, he put the drinking-cup in his brother’s bag, and then an announcer cried, “O people of the caravan! You are indeed thieves!” (70) They turned to them and asked: "What is it you have lost?" (71) They said, 'We are missing the king's goblet. Whoever brings it shall receive a camel's load; that I guarantee.' (72) They said: "By Allah, you certainly know that we did not come to act corruptly in this land, nor are we those who steal." (73) The accusers said, "Then what would be its recompense if you should be liars?" (74) [The brothers] replied: "Its requital? He in whose camel-pack [the cup] is found - he shall be [enslaved as] a requital thereof! Thus do we [ourselves] requite the doers of [such] wrong. (75) Then he began with their sacks before the sack of his brother; then he brought it forth from his brothers sack. In this wise We contrived for Yusuf. He was not one to take his brother by the law of the king, except that Allah willed. We exalt in degrees whomsoever We will, and above every knowing one is a Knower. (76) ۞ They said: "If he steals, there was a brother of his who did steal before (him)." But these things did Joseph keep locked in his heart, revealing not the secrets to them. He (simply) said (to himself): "Ye are the worse situated; and Allah knoweth best the truth of what ye assert!" (77) They said: Aziz! verily he hath a father, an old man very aged; so take one of us in his stead; verily we behold thee to be of the well-doers. (78) Joseph said: "Allah forbid that we should seize any except him with whom we found our good. Were we to do so, we would surely be one of the wrong-doers." (79)